Intellegens sparse data AI engine encaspulates our unique deep learning algorithm, capable of training models from data which can be as little as 0.05% complete.
Trained models can be used to make new predictions, identify errors and maximize a set of desired parameters (design mode)

Use cases


Proven applications with the following type of problems.


  • estimation of values previously only accessible by expensive, empirical, experimentation
  • ability to estimate the endpoints in complex, multistage, multi-ingredient processes
  • qualification of estimates by robust and meaningful quality metrics indicative of uncertainty
  • ability to identify and correct outlier data and to suggest empirical experiments that will improve overall uncertainty of the model
  • computationally efficient and scalable from small matrices to big data
  • large amounts of incomplete anonymised, numerical data
  • numerical data combined with models or graph functions


Implementation and delivery

Alchemite™, can be used standalone to generate models or easily be integrated into existing software stacks and workflows.


Alchemite enables the configuration of a number of hyper-parameters to specify, for example, number of hidden layers, time to train or level of accuracy recquired.


The tool is easily configured through a simple parameter file and data is managed through simple data files


A management console can be delivered as a fully managed, on demand solution or deployed internally on a per user or enterprise license basis.


The interface allows for non-technical users to easily train and deploy networks, using local or cloud based compute resources to manage jobs. Trained models can then be used through a number of easy to use interfaces or shared and tested via public facing API's.


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